Bye Bye News of the World

So, I went past the shop earlier. I saw the headline. Thanks Everybody, and Goodbye. I almost went and bought it.

But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. It just didn’t feel right. I wonder how many other media outlets will get on in the up and coming months.

I predict more allegations. I truly think […]

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Twitter or Twatter?

Don’t know what Twitter is? If you are wondering why in the world you should consider it, here are 11  reasons:

It will enable you to experience social networking first-hand. One of my pet annoyances is people who moan about new technologies but have never actually used them. This is particularly annoying—but common—among non web users.
It will […]

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New WordPress CMS

WordPress is CMS (Content Management Sytem) that allows developers like myself to provide a fully integrated user system for web sites. It allows for the user to update content, galleries and information in an easy to understand way.

WordPress is not always the solution for a project. Sometimes a simple HTML page will do the trick. […]

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