WP-Navigator (the Molitor) Import POIs Help Sheet

I constructed this file out of frustration when trying to import multiple POIs into the theme!

The theme itself is exceptionally good. Be sure to check out The Molitor website for more information. I said id make this file public for free, please leave any comments on this post. I really hope this helps some people!

Download […]

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Cool Tabbed Web Parts

User interfaces in SharePoint are pretty basic, with new SP 2010 this has been significantly improved, however. Sometimes there is a requirement to have an easy intuitive interface that switches between data without a page refresh.

Ive neen playing with Easy Tabs lately and discovered some great things about it. You can use it for practically […]

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Save SharePoint Subsite as Template

If you are trying to save a site as a template in WSS v3 or MOSS 2007 you will find that the link “Save site as template” is only available under Look and Feel at the Top Level of the site collection. Not great if youve been working on a great template and want to […]

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Remove Author Link in Dataview – SharePoint

Ok, this ones even simpler. You have a dataview of some sort. Perhaps you dont use MySites, or perhaps you just dont want users being able to click away from the page.

Use the following XSLT solution to remove hyperlinks. Just substitute the field name for whatever field you want to remove, in this case its […]

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SharePoint – Append Changes to Existing Text in Dataview

You’ve probably used the “Append Changes to Existing Text” trick in a list at least once in SharePoint. Its great for using in lists that require you to add text with a date stamp, a bit like a journal.

Anyway, Ive recently been developing a service desk to handle all internal requests. Things like Technology, Management […]

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JQuery Tooltips in SharePoint

So you’ve created a nice form in SharePoint Designer, now you want to display some decent tooltips rather than the dull out of the box SharePoint field descriptions.

Here is a handy way to add JQuery tooltips direct to your form in an easy to manage way.

1) Open the form you have created in SharePoint Designer.
2) […]

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Sharepoint 2007 – Survey removing save button

Greetings fellow SharePoint developer! Today, I will show you how to remove that horrible “save” button from the out of the box surveys that ships with SharePoint 2007!

You will notice the save button in sharepoint surveys when using sharepoint surveys with branching options.

It confuse most of surveys users as generally user select save instead of […]

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How much for a website?

There’s a question that I frequently get asked and that is how much will a website cost me? If you search “web design uk” in Google you’ll be presented with plenty of sponsored listings titled things like: “web design for only £249? or cheaper.  For small businesses or individuals this’ll no doubt be a pretty […]

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SharePoint 2007 – Where are my log files!

We had an issue at work this morning on the front end web server, as always I usually delve straight into the log files, this is what I find:
0x2498  ULS Logging                              Unified Logging Service              uls1      Monitorable       Tracing Service lost trace events.  Current value 13. 
I found in a forum post on MSDN that when this happens, you […]

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