You’ve probably used the “Append Changes to Existing Text” trick in a list at least once in SharePoint. Its great for using in lists that require you to add text with a date stamp, a bit like a journal.

Anyway, Ive recently been developing a service desk to handle all internal requests. Things like Technology, Management Information and Facilities requests can be handled through one system and assigned to support teams for action.

When constructing custom .net pages I use a dataview to display information. This is all great, except when I want to display all entries of the journal. You can do this with a OOB view. But when trying to use it in a dataview, it becomes a bit of a struggle!

Use the code below in replacement of the journal or multi line text view. It works a charm! Just make sure you change the field name and the List ID.

Hope that helps someone! Because it nearly killed me!