User interfaces in SharePoint are pretty basic, with new SP 2010 this has been significantly improved, however. Sometimes there is a requirement to have an easy intuitive interface that switches between data without a page refresh.

Ive neen playing with Easy Tabs lately and discovered some great things about it. You can use it for practically anything.¬† Ive particuarly enjoyed using the third party¬†search add on “Ontolica” – I am now able to search across all search scopes and show the results and best bets in its own tab.

To use this, simply add web parts to a zone. And then add a new CEWP. Add the following code to a text file and save it in a public location.

In the CEWP, Simply paste the location of text file as the source and make the web part hidden!

Tip: Set all web parts types to “Title Only”