Ok, so we have all heard the patter from the community about SharePoint 2013, we’ve watched the video demos, been to the seminars, read the white papers, been educated on requirements and learnt about all the new features. Coming from a MOSS 2007 environment I was practically drooling at the prospect of playing with it. So, the question I usually ask myself. Is this really an improvement to or is this just the big Microsoft sell?

After having had a good poke around, I have good news. SharePoint 2013 is to use a young persons term “Uber Cool”. It builds on many of the 2010 features, has a much more fluid UI and excellent look and feel. If like me, you come from a service management background rather than a hard core coder one, straight away you can see how SharePoint 2013 could benefit a business – And this is where the trouble starts.

Defining “What” SharePoint can do for your buisiness and where it should be focused on is one of the biggest challenges. I will be blogging alot more during my discovery and development of SharePoint 2013 stay tuned for useful tips, links and the odd rant!

The SharePoint Developer Roadmap